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Mini PhotoBox

Our Mini PhotoBox is a miniature version of the PhotoBox. A hand-crafted timber box with a high-gloss, magnetised acrylic lid, which fits 50 of your favourite photos sized at 100mm x150mm.

Choose to print 50 photos immediately or add to your collection as life happens. Turn your favourite photos into a Mini PhotoBox of memories.

Mini Photobox hand-crafted timber box with custom acrylic lid

Hand crafted timber box with acrylic lid

Mini Photobox fits 50 Jumbo Prints

Add up to 50 prints. Print them now or add some later

Mini Photobox has a magnet custom design acrylic lid

Magnetic acrylic lid

The Mini Photobox

The Mini Photo Box

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Mini Photobox: Options and Prices

Sizes are displayed in millimeters.

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Black & White

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This product usually ships from PrintWild in 7 - 9 working days. Courier is 2 - 5 days depending on address.

About Mini PhotoBox Prints

Now that you've decided to buy The Mini PhotoBox with a custom acrylic lid, fill it with your gorgeous prints. The Mini PhotoBox prints can be ordered at the same time as your Mini PhotoBox, or ordered separately as your memories unfold. Each Mini PhotoBox holds approximately 50 prints. For more information about Mini PhotoBox Prints, click here. Looking for a bigger picture? Look at the original PhotoBox by clicking here.

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