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Frequently Asked Questions

Image Processing

What media can you reproduce from?

If there is an image that needs reproducing, we can do it. This includes everything from colour or black and white negatives, photographs, and slides.

Can you remove blemishes from pictures?

We can remove blemishes from as well as rejuvenate pictures. For images that need significant editing, an additional fee will be charged.

What colour profile must I apply to my image?

We work in sRGB (standard red, green, blue). If you send us another colour profile, we will convert it to sRGB because to get the correct colours through from pre-press to printer using these sRGB colour profiles.

Can you work from old photographs?

We can scan or photograph and then print old photographs, drawings and paintings. The results are often better than the original.

What resolution do you print at?

Various materials need to be printed at different DPI (dots per square inch) depending on the porosity of the material. We guarantee results of the highest quality.

Ordering Online

Which areas do you deliver to and what is the cost?

Delivery to major cities in South Africa is free for orders over R500.

For outlying areas, there is a small surcharge on your free delivery to compensate for third-party costs. When ordering, the system will calculate the delivery cost based on your address and postal code.

If you need an overnight service, there will be a charge for costs over and above economy freight.

I am having issues with submitting my order - can you help?

The most likely reason is that your browser is using old files that are outdated or incorrect. To fix this, visit the Start Your Order page and refresh your cache.

Windows PC: Hold [Ctrl] + [F5]
Mac: Hold [Apple] + [R]

Alternatively, during an upload, your network experienced a drop in connectivity, or was too slow to upload the file within the time limits of our server. Please retry the upload, preferably at a time of day where you experience more stable and a speedier internet connectivity.

If that doesn't work, you can use a free service like WeTransfer to send us the file, and we will place the order on your behalf.

I want to send you 50 images for A4 print reproduction; do I have to load them all in your system?

No. You can upload one, set the quantity to 50, and then file transfer the remainder using WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive or any similiar solution. Remember to let us know in the comments that you have done so.

Product Questions

Do you attach hooks and string or any other type of hanging accessory?

Canvas frames are hung straight from the top box frame profile.

Mounted prints are hung directly off the raiser bars.

Acrylic prints come with special wall mounts that are used to fix to the wall.

Faceblocks and Big 1's are delivered ready-to-mount with an industrial Velcro mounting system.

How is the final size of framed products calculated?

In the online order system, you specify the size of the actual print. The matt board and frame profile go around this, so the resulting product is larger.

Classic Photo Frame: We use either a 44mm frame profile (for A2 and smaller) or 55mm frame profile (larger than A2). The matt board is a standard matt white and ranges from 50mm to 85mm.
Contemporary White Frame: Uses a 30mm frame profile for a contemporary look. The matt board is premium matt white with similar sizes as above.
Ballyhoo Frame: A thin, slightly textured frame profile with a 16mm face and 25mm side. The wide matt board is premium white.

What is the difference between Premium and Standard stretch canvases?

Products printed on archival paper, such as the Premium Stretch Canvas, are guaranteed not to fade for 75 years under normal indoor lighting conditions.

Will the print fade or lose colour?

While both products look almost identical and both have a protective coating, Premium canvases are printed on an archival canvas paper which lasts up to 75 years in normal indoor lighting conditions.

Do your canvas prints have a protective coating?

Yes, our canvas prints are sprayed with a special protective coating that will protect them from dusting and cleaning.

Which products would you recommend not using a signature?

For Magnatots and Faceblocks we would not advise having signatures on them unless you give yourself about 5mm of margin.

Will you brand your products with a badge?

We may stick a sticker on the back of your product stating, manufactured by PrintWild. You can request that this is not done for any specific order.

PrintWild resellers can request an additional sticker with their own branding be added to the back of any print alongside the PrintWild sticker. The stickers will need to be provided by the reseller and will be kept by PrintWild for future orders.

Marketing Questions

Can I use the images on your website to market your products on my website?

Yes. Please offer a hyperlink on your website back to ours:

Do you offer professional photographers a service?

Yes, we create long lasting relationships and get to know your preferences. This ensures that we work to your specific requirements. Special online accounts can be set up for our clients.

I can't complete my reseller application form - can you help?

Your application unfortunately does not contain sufficient information to qualify you as a reseller. Without a website for us to check we are unable to assess your eligibility as a professional in the photographic, arts or design industry. If you can provide us with further information to support your application we will gladly review it again.