Canvas Prints

PrintWild has specialised in canvas printing since 2003 and we are proud to say that we were the very first company to offer this service online in South Africa.

Our Canvas Print Philosophy

While there are many different canvas printing solutions and a wide variety of canvas companies, we know that there is a vast contrast in what customers are receiving in terms of quality, durability and colour accuracy. This is why we have a quality philosophy that we will never stray from.

Our philosophy is simple - spare no expense to make sure that our products are exceptional. We achieve this by using ONLY the finest quality inks, materials and machines.

We know that not everyone has the same budget, so that is why we offer 2 product lines within our Stretched Canvas range.

Premium Stretched Canvas product shot

Premium Canvas Prints

This product is most often chosen by photographers and designers who need the print to stand the test of time. This range is printed using an Epson 8 colour digital printer which ensures incredible colour accuracy and quality. The image is then wrapped over a sturdy, handbuilt frame which includes a backboard for rigidity.

The final step in the manufacturing process is the protective coating that is sprayed onto the canvas before it is packaged with care and shipped to your door.

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Standard Stretched Canvas product shot

Standard Canvas Prints

This product is geared towards the price conscious buyer who doesn’t necessarily need the print to last for decades. We use our 6 colour, light industrial machine to print this range and although our Standard canvasses are more affordable than the Premium range, they are in no way ‘cheap’ in quality.

Once printed and checked, the print is then wrapped on a sturdy frame that is handbuilt to the same standards as the Premium canvas frames and sprayed with the protective coating. Once dry, the canvas is packaged carefully and sent via courier to your door.

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Framed Canvas product shot

Framed Canvas Prints

The contemporary framed canvas photo uses a deep, slightly textured frame profile available in glossy white or black. The frame profile is 30mm x 30mm. The image is printed on the highest quality fine art canvas mounted on a sturdy backing board.

When ordering, you can choose between the black or white frame profile depending on your preference.

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Premium or Standard canvas?

Both canvas ranges are prepped and manufactured with the same high quality materials and are identical in looks. The difference lies in the use of archival inks and canvas paper for the Premium range which guarantees that the print will last for 75 years if the canvas is hung indoors and under normal lighting.

The image prep work is identical as we take time to ready each image for print and may do some adjustments to ensure the perfect print - every time!

Difference between premium and standard streched canvases video
Standard print sizes Square format Panoramic format

Canvas Products

A0 1189 x 841 A1 841 x 594 A2 594 x 420 A3 420 x 297 A4 297 x 210 Large 1000 x 1000 Medium 600 x 600 Small300 x 300 Large1200 x 540 Medium800 x 360 Small600 x 270
Premium Stretched Canvas Premium Stretched Canvas R 2'706 R 1'599 R 1'046 R 770 R 632 R 2'706 R 1'290 R 693 R 1'928 R 1'131 R 852
Framed Canvas Print Framed Canvas Print R 3'004 R 1'776 R 1'161 R 855 R 702 R 3'005 R 1'433 R 770 R 2'140 R 1'256 R 946
Standard Stretched Canvas Standard Stretched Canvas R 1'179 R 700 R 460 R 341 R 281 R 1'179 R 566 R 308 R 842 R 497 R 377
Loose Canvas Prints Loose Canvas Prints R 1'800 R 937 R 505 R 290 R 182 R 1'800 R 696 R 230 R 1'193 R 572 R 354

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