Interior Design

Dare to be BOLD

Posted By: Bianca Bouwmeester-Neumann 15 October 2018 72 views

Bold artwork in a neutral room makes a big statement and gives the room a focal point. Having an eye catching piece of art boldly displayed in your home is also a great conversation starter. A canvas print is an excellent option for this as it is budget friendly and will allow you to change your bold statement piece as often as you like.

Canvas print of a woman's face with bright and bold coloured paint all over it in a stark white room

But how do you incorporate a bold statement piece without it becoming overbearing or down right unattractive?

Here are some tips to consider:

#1 – Make sure that your furniture and wall colour is as neutral as possible.

This is an important one as having too many strong colours can create a sense of chaos and visual noise. It also has a tendency to make a room look ‘thrown together’ as opposed to being ‘put together’ in a sophisticated manner. The latter obviously being the more desired effect in a home.

Choosing solid colours for your couches and furniture is also the best way to make that bold art piece really stand out.

#2 – Place the art work carefully

Your bold art piece should be placed on a wall where the eye is drawn to it and where the colours will be best displayed. Big and bold art pieces work particularly well above a couch or bed, however this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Trying it out in different areas and different positions will give you a good idea of where it would work best in your particular space.

Getting someone to hold your art work up for you while you stand back and enter the room often allows you to make the best placement decision.

#3 – Don’t forget lighting!

Once your bold art work is up and your room is taking shape, don’t forget the impact a good (or bad) lighting solution can have on your overall experience of a room. Bold art work usually looks it’s best in good, bright lighting.

Most importantly, when using bold art work in your space, feel free to express your individual style and enjoy the end result!